Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bike Review

Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bike Review

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Updated - March 12, 2020

During this Muddyfox Race 200 road bike review the bike will be put through it’s paces and evaluated on several key areas. The Muddyfox Race 200 is an entry level road bike. The bike is a good option for those who are looking for a beginner road bike.

What a great example of how you can purchase a brand new road bike for very little money. This bike has some great components and offers a really comfortable ride for very little financial commitment. The bikes style is easy on the eye and everything from the saddle to the pedals and handlebars is designed with rider comfort in mind. A really good entry level road bike.

Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bike

Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bike

  • ✔ Weighs 15 KG
  • ✔ Striking Colours
  • ✖ No Longer Available
This bike offers great value at a fraction of the cost of most rivals.

Update – This bike is no longer available, we’re looking to source it for you once again but in the meantime we’ve updated the image and links for our ‘nearest alternative’ choice. See below for information regarding the Muddyfox Omnium Road Bike.

Muddyfox Omnium Road Bike

Looking to buy that first road bike bike then this tick all of the boxes. Its simple design coupled with quality components guarantees fuss free riding. 14 Speed Shimano Gearing gives the ideal ratio to climb and descend any hill, whilst the Front & Rear caliper brakes give you confidence under braking. Features include 48cm Hi-Tensile Lightweight Steel Frame, 14 Speed Shimano Gearing, 700c Double wall Alloy Rims with 23c Road Tyre’s, Drop style Handlebars with adjustable height, Alloy Brake Levers & calipers, NECO Bottom Bracket and Headset, Adjustable ‘Road Style’ Saddle. Complete with high gloss Black and Rose Gold paint finish. Suitable for ages 12+ years with an inside leg measurement 28”-36”.

This bike is sold as a unisex bike and therefore the top tube dips slightly towards the seat tube to allow easier mounting. For an entry level bike one good feature is it does have basic quality dual pivot brakes rather than weaker single caliper brakes. Components as you can imagine are entry level and the bike uses a steel frame that is standard grade high tensile steel with no butting, it’s not very heavy though overall which is great. It uses a basic tourney A070 drivetrain with rocker shifters on the handlebars and a freewheel not a cassette/freehub.

Bike typeRoad bike
Brake typeMechanical Rim
ColorBlack/Rose Gold
Size48 cm (19 Inch) Frame
Frame materialSteel
Material typeSteel
Number of speeds14
Outer materialSynthetic
Included componentsInstructions, Multi tools
Batteries included?No
Brand nameMuddyfox

Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bike

The Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bikes Cycle Bicycle Black/Red/white 700wh/59fr has reflectors which can help bounce off light for riders to be noticed by automobile users on the road. Therefore, you rest assured that your road touring exercise will not catch other road users unawares when they see you cycling excitedly on the road.

Since you will be spending the better part of your time on the road, you need a product that can provide you comfort. You may find it difficult to maintain a single position while biking on the road for long hours, owing to the energy needed to drive yourself. Interestingly, this product has handlebar features that are in three or more variances. You can bend while cycling or you can stand straight. You have the liberty to change positions as many times as you would like.

The Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bikes Cycle Bicycle Black/Red/white 700wh/59fr has Alloy caliper brakes that ensure that you have a remarkable  grip on your bike in the course of cycling down the highway.

You can modify the speed concerning this product. The reason is that the 20 speed Shimano Tiagra 4600 gear allows bikers to adjust their speeding rate, depending on the distance they need to cover. So, you can expect to reserve some energy whenever you are on course in completing your road trip.


What is the use of the rigid front forks?

The reason why this product is made in this manner is to help bikers stay focus on long distance trips. Sometimes, your hands can become quite rigid, owing to maintaining a position for many hours. In order to relieve you of the stress, you can expect to get assistance from this product, because of the unique function of the rigid front forks.

What is the function of the handlebar stem?

This compartment is designed to help riders have a firm grip of their bikes while maintaining a single position on the road.

Advice for using for Muddyfox Race 200 Road Bikes Cycle Bicycle Black/Red/White 700wh/59fr

You should check on the brakes, before starting your road trip. You wouldn’t want to get involved in an accident because your brakes failed to give your tires a firm grip when you needed to stop at a crucial time.

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