Best Mountain Bikes 2019

Best Mountain Bikes of 2019

Mountain Bikes
Updated - August 9, 2019

Mountain Bikes are perfect for all kinds of different conditions. While a road bike is excellent for travelling down long flat roads, a mountain bike can make travelling through harsh and rough terrain much much easier. Something that many other types of bikes would struggle with immensely. They simply aren’t designed for the rough treatment of off road terrain. It’s very common to see sophisticated suspension systems on mountain bikes along with many other useful features to help absorb the shock of hard impacts while off road. These include thicker tyres that have a lower pressure rating than road bike tyres, straight handlebars rather than the more aerodynamic racing handlebars. These features are designed to help your bike become resilient, long lasting and durable.

It goes without saying that the best mountain bikes aren’t simply for off road hills and dirt paths, they can be very suitable to easier terrain as well. However all that extra technology keeping you on the bike while off road does mean that mountain bikes are usually a lot heavier than their road bike counterparts. Don’t be too quick to compare their road performance against a native road bike as road bikes are designed purely for this environment and it would be unfair to judge mountain bikes in this way, however for most casual riders a mountain bike could be the perfect compromise allowing them to use the bike in many environments without the need to store several different bikes for different journeys.

We’ve put this list together below to help you find the right entry level mountain bike by concatenating the very best mountain bikes of 2019. Please take a look though the list and use it to help you make the right choice.

Best Mountain Bikes of 2019
  • BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike - High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes.
  • BEIOU T700 Toray Mountain Bike - Great aesthetics, comfort and value for money.
  • BOSS Ice Mountain Bike - Fun, quirky and keeps the rider comfortable.
  • Raleigh Activ Flyte II Mountain Bike - The gear shifts are smooth and the combination of components really does work well.
  • Arden Trail Mountain Bike - The Arden Trail mountain bike has a classic road bike look about it.
  • Muddyfox Toronto 26″ Mountain Bike - The gears are a breeze to work with and the dual suspension really does the job well.


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BEIOU Hardtail Mountain Bike

BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike

High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes.

The BEIOU T800 Hardtail Mountain Bike is an absolutely beautiful bike. I particularly like the contrast between the matte black frame and the metallic orange suspension fork. This bike suffers from the same irritation for UK customers as the BEIOU Toray mountain bike in which the brakes need to be switch to conform to UK standards. It was a real challenge to rank the two BEIOU bikes against each other and the jury is still out somewhat on which one is truly better.

BEIOU Toray Mountain Bike

BEIOU T700 Toray Mountain Bike

Great aesthetics, comfort and value for money.

The BEIOU T700 Toray Mountain Bike is our winner, an excellent option for best mountain bike 2019. This bike can withstand some pretty aggressive riding. The mountain bike comes with a really good set of tyres, no need to replace even the more serious riders will be able to get some use out of these tyres. The only issue here is the brakes and only if you’re in the UK. The brakes are reverse in the UK and we’ve got reports that UK buyers are having to manually swap the break lines over, quite a simple task and we plan to put together a guide in the near future for those who aren’t so sure.

BOSS Ice Mountain Bike

BOSS Ice Mountain Bike

Fun, quirky and keeps the rider comfortable.

The BOSS Ice Mountain Bike is probably the most interesting looking mountain bike of 2019 (perhaps we should research that list next). The rear mudguard looking like some sort of funky tail over the cut out of the bikes frame. The orange and black design is very eye catching and the bike overall is very comfortable even when the suspension is in use.

Best Of The Rest

Raleigh Activ Flyte II Mountain Bike

Raleigh Activ Flyte II Mountain Bike

The gear shifts are smooth and the combination of components really does work well.

The Raleigh Activ Flyte II Mountain Bike offers a lot of bike for a very small price. The bike looks far more expensive than the price would suggest however it’s worth noting that despite it’s phenomenal price you may want to budget for a couple of upgrades including the seat, it isn’t the comfiest but again when you consider the price for the whole bike, a new seat is nothing to complain about. The bike is very light which is unusual with mountain bikes however the fact it has no suspension system may account for the lighter load. Well worth considering as a strong alternative.

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Arden Trail Mountain Bike

Arden Trail Mountain Bike

The Arden Trail mountain bike has a classic road bike look about it.

When we saw the price of the Arden Trail Mountain Bike we thought it was a mistake, however assurances were given that this bike is aimed at the budget market and the price is correct. The bike is no thrills however for the price it’s nothing less than you’d expect. We’ve seen some previous buyers suggest getting a service done just to be sure the setup is correct. Even if you decided to upgrade the seat, pedals and tyres this bike would still come out far cheaper than some of the podium position options mentioned above. If budget is your priority then this bike is well worth a look.

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Muddyfox Toronto 26″ Mountain Bike

Muddyfox Toronto 26″ Mountain Bike

The gears are a breeze to work with and the dual suspension really does the job well.

The Muddyfox Toronto 26″ Mountain Bike comes in a shiny silver colour and is kitted out with black accessories. The bike looks good and feels like it’s made with good quality components. It doesn’t take long to build the bike up from scratch and the bike rides well once complete. This bike is towards the top end of the budget market and comes with everything you’d need to get up and running. The tyres, brakes, seat and peddles are all good enough that the need to replace them is very low compared to some of the other budget bikes we’ve researched. A good budget option if you want to avoid sources replacement components from day one.

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More About The BEIOU Toray Mountain Bike

The Beiou Toray mountain bike is a great looking bike that has a number of outstanding reviews online. I can understand why it’s so well received due to its combination of great aesthetics, comfort and value for money.

The Beiou Toray mountain bike comes in a variety of colours ranging from red and black through to white. My personal favourite is the latter, the white Beiou Toray mountain bike is very impressive. It’s simplicity matched with the chunky frame reminds me of BMX bikes, all it needs to complete the look would be some pegs on either wheel. As mentioned before, the frame is quite chunky without looking out of place, the white background colour is broken up by black decals of the brand name ‘Beiou’. The frame is made of light and very strong carbon fibre. The seat post and handlebars are also carbon fibre which means the bike weighs very little.

The Beiou Toray mountain bike has a front suspension fork to help lessen the blow of any bumps the rider would otherwise feel the full impact of. The saddle is a sleek design with a white streak to break up the plain black design. The seat post is adjustable so the bike will suit most riders. The handlebars are also adjustable and lend access to the Shimano Altus 370 gear shifters as well as the brake pedals. Both are easy to use and offer smooth yet effective control of the bikes speed.

The brakes on the Beiou Toray mountain bike are disc brakes, mechanical wire G3 disc brakes to be precise. They are very reliable and responsive, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with them, that being said it’s always advised to get a new bike checked out by a trained professional, safety first readers.

The Beiou Toray mountain bike’s wheel size is 26″, the bikes rims are Ruituo aluminium alloy and have several intricate patterns on them. These patterns are enhanced by the fact that the rim and tyre on both wheels are black. The tyres are Chaoyang 26″ with a light tread, I wouldn’t imagine this bike is superb off road in heavy terrain but the benefit of a light tread is that you’ll be fine to ride this on the road as a substantial amount of the tread will be gripping the road.

Overall this bike looks great, not because of some fancy frame or vivid colour scheme. It’s difficult to put my finger on it but I think the combination of a nice white bike with a simple design is quite appealing when the market is full of ‘try hard’ designs.

More About The BEIOU Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Beiou Hardtail mountain bike is quite a unique looking bike. I’m a big fan of the matte black colour this bike comes in, it’s available in other variations but my personal favourite is definitely matte black.

As mentioned above, the bikes frame is matte black, it’s quite a slim frame in comparison to some other mountain bikes we’ve reviewed on BestBikeGuide in the past. The frame is minimalistic in design and has no decals or other patterns present. The Toray T800 carbon fibre frame when built with handlebars and seat post weighs in at a mere 10.65kgs. This is very impressive, mountain bikes usually have a lot more weight to them as they’re focus is on suspension and durability rather than weight.

The bikes handlebars are home to a Shimano Deore 610 shift system giving easy access to change the 30 speed gears at will. The brake levers on the Beiou Hardtail mountain bike are top quality Shimano M355’s and connect to a very impressive hydraulic disc braking system. All the cabling that leads to and from the brakes and gears are internal to avoid any problems while riding and also increase the bikes aerodynamic rating. When paired to the bikes light weight it means that the bike glides with very little effort so makes for a multipurpose mountain and road bike.

The Beiou Hardtail’s saddle is very thin when looking side on. This doesn’t affect the comfort so nothing really to worry about. The saddle post is adjustable so the bike can handle riders of different heights. The saddle is nicely finished with a red and white stripe.

The bikes front fork is a very nice orange colour and is one of the components that help give this bike’s design some depth. The bike has 26″ wheels with carbon hubs. The rims have a nice red, white and black design to match the bike and saddle. The Tyres on the Beiou Hardtail mountain bike are Maxxis branded. They seem like a nice hybrid tyre, not too chunky for the road but enough about them to keep your grip on uneven surfaces.

The bikes description states ‘High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Athletes’ and on this occasion I’m inclined to agree with then. It’s a solid bike for a great price. I’m really impressed with the bike and think it’s well worth considering if you’re in two minds between road or mountain bike.

More About The BOSS Ice Mountain Bike

The Boss Ice mountain bike is a fun looking bike, it reminds me of an off road motorbike with its rear mudguard and fun bike frame.

Talking about the bike frame, the Boss Ice mountain bike has a strong hi-tensile steel frame that comes in black. The frame is brightened up with orange decals to match the black and orange theme this bike has. The frame is quite chunky and also very curvy. Usually mountain bike frames are straight beams of steel however the Boss Ice mountain bike brings a new idea to the table.

The bike has a full suspension and dual mudguard system. The front fork is orange to match the vivid areas of the bike. I’m a big fan of the colour scheme and I’m glad to report that the bike rides as well as it looks, if not better. The Boss Ice mountain bike saddle is very comfortable and looks great with it’s black, white and orange design. The seat post is adjustable to cater for all heights. The Boss Ice bike’s handlebars are also adjustable and give access to the 18 speed Shimano gear system. The Boss Ice mountain bike also has a Shimano rear derailleur to help make the gear changes issues through the micro-shift rotational shifters as smooth as possible.

The brakes on the Boss Ice mountain bike are disc brakes, which is exceptional value considering the price of the bike. The bike has front and rear Zoom disc brakes for high performance braking. The brakes are very responsive and more than fit the requirements of this mountain bike.

The front and rear mudguards are a nice touch, avoiding spray from rain or mud depending on terrain. They might not catch everything but having them is going to mean less chance of ruining your clothes.

The Boss Ice mountain bike has 26″ wheels with bright orange rims, matching the rest of the bikes design. They are very eye catching and look nice when matched with the black tyres. The tyres on the Boss Ice mountain bike look like chunky road bike tyres so I’m pretty sure this bike would be fine on and off road.

Overall this bike is fun, quirky and keeps the rider comfortable whether its the smooth gear changes, suspension absorbing bumps or mudguard keep you clean it’s a great bike for the price.

More About The Raleigh Activ Flyte II Mountain Bike

In this Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike review we hope to express some of the key features of the bike, including where it excels but also where it falls short. We want to give you the best possible opportunity to make a decision as to whether this bike is for you.

The Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike has a 19 inch steel frame. The frame comes in black with red & silver shapes and the bikes model ‘Activ’ decals dotted around the frame itself. This gives the bikes design a bit more going on when up close but from a distance it looks pretty much black all over. The black theme doesn’t stop there, the adjustable handlebars are black, as well as the hand grips, Shimano twist grip styled gear shifters and brake levers. The handlebars are comfortable to use and can be adjusted to your ideal level.

The Shimano twist grip shifters are linked up to a Shimano 18 speed gear system. To help maintain a smooth transition between gears the Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike comes complete with a Shimano derailleur. Overall the gear shifts are smooth and the combination of components really does work well. I’m really impressed with the shifting system on this bike and would applaud whoever designed it, job well done.

The Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike has v-type brakes, now these may not be on the same level as some disc brake models available out there but they certainly do the trick. They are able to provide a controlled stopping capability and help keep the price of the bike down. We have 19 inch alloy rim wheels on the Raleigh Activ Flyte II mountain bike paired with a nice pair of chunky tread tyres offering good on and off road capability. The tyres don’t seem to be of an well known brand but that doesn’t matter if they do the job.

The saddle provided on the Raleigh Activ Flyte II is quite a simple one, no flashy design or branding. The saddle is adjustable however if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the bike you may consider getting a higher quality saddle. The saddle matches the rest of the design of the bike by being black.

This bike is a huge hit online, it’s the number one selling mountain bike of 2018. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look by visiting our link.

More About The Arden Trail Mountain Bike

The Arden Trail mountain bike has a classic road bike look about it. It’s simple, sleek design is complemented by it’s vivid red fork. The bulk of the bikes frame is black, matching the saddle, handlebars, gear system and pedals. Honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with black, it looks professional and will allow reflective plates to be as visible as possible throughout the day and night.

The bikes frame is made of hi-tensile steel, it’s strong enough to take a beating off road yet as mentioned above has a minimal, classic look to it. The handlebars are straight and quite comfortable, the bike even comes with a bell for those of you planning on politely passing pedestrians. The handlebars are equipped with easy to use twist grip gear levers  as well as standard brake levers. The gear system of choice on the Arden Trail mountain bike is a 21 speed Shimano one. This is enhanced with a rear Shimano dereailleur system for improved shifting.

The brakes used on the Arden Trail mountain bike are v-type brakes at the front and rear, they’re powerful brakes and more than fit the bill when it comes to stopping the bike quickly and safely. It’s difficult to tell without testing the bike over several months but the pads seem pretty good on the brakes so no concerns there.

The mountain bike comes with lightweight alloy wheels and an ‘in the middle’ tyre, the tread is good enough for off road cycling but still quite suitable for long journeys on smoother surfaces. The main concern with this bike is simply the fact it doesn’t have a suspension system like many other mountain bikes do, however the tyres do dampen a lot of the impact while off road so it’s not really an issue unless you’re giving the bike a real beating.

This bike is very well received online and has a large amount of reviews, feel free to check the price via the button on this page for more information.

More About The Muddyfox Toronto 26″ Mountain Bike

The Muddyfox Toronto 26″ mountain bike is amazing. We have given this bike a thorough test and we have to applaud Muddyfox for their efforts. This bike is a great machine so where do we start. Once a complete inspection was completed on this bike (get a trained professional to take a look once you’ve purchased it if you aren’t confident in doing so yourself) we took it off road and it has some of the best brakes we’ve ever used on a mountain bike.

The tyres are great, the tread does the trick in maintaining grip and control over the bike. The gears are a breeze to work with and the dual suspension really does the job well. The standard saddle usually lets most bikes down however this one is very comfortable.

We cannot recommend this bike enough, there is a reason why it has such high reviews and that’s because it is a great bike at an even greater price.

We've Gone Above And Beyond

While researching the best mountain bikes 2019 we were spoilt for choice, so we decided to extend this list to 9 by adding 3 more options at the bottom of the list. Although we feel these 3 weren’t strong enough to get into our top 6 let alone our podium positions, they may still be worth a look.

More About The Boss Colt Mountain Bike

Boss Colt Mountain Bike

The first thing that strikes you about the Boss Colt mountain bike is the vivid read colour all over the bike. The front suspension mountain bike comes with a strong Hi-tensile steel frame that is primarily red, black with splashes of white. The red vibe doesn’t stop there, the Boss branded colour printed MTB saddle with a 300mm adjustable seat post also comes in the the red, black and white design. The adjustable saddle doesn’t just look the part either, it’s comfortable to sit on. The Boss Colt mountain bikes continues the eye catching colour scheme on the wheels as well.

Colour withstanding, there are plenty more things to talk about when we’re reviewing this bike, back to the frame. The Hi tensile steel frame is great however a little on the heavy side. If you’re looking for a lightweight racing bike then perhaps a road bike is more up your street but in the mountain bike genre 20kgs isn’t the end of the world. The suspension system is great and really impressive considering the price, it soaks up the bumps off road and allows for a smooth experience when riding on the road. Considering the suspension fork is Zoom branded you can rest assured it will continue to deliver.

Who’d have thought you could get disc brakes on a mountain bike as well priced as this one! Believe it or not you get  Front and rear Zoom branded mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors. They are very responsive and exactly what you need to avoid a sticky situation.

The Boss Colt mountain bike comes with black pedals and a black guard for the hydraulic cables which by the way are also bright red.

The wheels on the Boss Colt off road bike are larger than your average mountain bike, they are 27.5 inch wheels. The bike also comes with off road 2.1 inch wide MTB tyres with a deep tread resulting in great traction even on uneven ground.

Overall this bike is a eye catching masterpiece with superb components, especially those disc brakes. Well worth considering for both the beginner and more advanced mountain bike enthusiast.

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More About The BOSS Venom Mountain Bike

BOSS Venom Mountain Bike

The Boss Venom mountain bike is another bike I’d have to categories as ‘eye catching’. The vivid red everywhere really does catch the eye of passers by, the red wheel rims especially.

The bike frame that comes with the Boss Venom is made of strong hi-tensile steel, considering it’s a full suspension mountain bike the frame is relatively small. I’ve seen many full suspension bikes that have bike frames that are twice as thick in some areas. This bike offers a refreshing change of pace with its minimal, almost thin design. The Boss Venom mountain bike’s frame is black and is covered in several decals ranging from the brand ‘BOSS’, the model ‘Venom’ through to red, sliver and white shapes to give the design of the bike some depth. I must admit it looks great and reminds me of retro sports car, in that there are more lines and corners than curves.

The bike has a Boss branded saddle, it’s quite nicely presented and is reasonably comfortable, I usually have problems with ‘off the production line’ saddles but this one seems good enough to keep long term. The saddle is adjustable so you’ll be able to set your perfect height.

The Boss Venom mountain bike’s handlebars are black to match the frame. They are equipped with micro-shift rotational shifters and black alloy brake levers. Overall the handlebars are exceptionally comfortable and I’d go as far to say they’re the comfiest I’ve tested in the Boss Venom mountain bike’s price range. The shifters link up with an 18 speed Shimano gearing system that is supported with a Shimano rear derailleur to make shifting gears even smoother.

The brakes used on the Boss Venom mountain bike are v-type brakes. They are very responsive and with the right configuration more than match the need for responsive braking while maintaining control of the bike.

The Boss Venom mountain bike’s dual suspension is incredibly effective, the bike performed excellently off road and the rider was protected by most bumps and knocks. I’m a big fan of dual suspension bikes and this one really does excel. Want more opinions, check out the link below for more customers opinions.

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More About The Raleigh Activ Spectre Mountain Bike

Raleigh Activ Spectre Mountain Bike

The Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike is a monster. The bikes frame alone looks ready for business, in the following Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike review we’ll break down the components used in the bike and give an opinion of each of them.

Back to the frame, the Raleigh Activ Spectre’s frame is chunky and futuristically designed. The frame is made of steel so it might not be the lightest frame in existence but it’ll be able to take the impact blows off road biking can cause. The bike is equipped with a full suspension, the front fork is chrome and is made to stand out. the rear suspension frame acts as a pivot between the black and white designs of the bikes frame. The combination of a full suspension leaves the rider quite well protected against any bumps or uneven terrain and will seriously help when jumping around off road.

The handlebars are black and match the top half of the frame, they have twist grip styled gear shifters for easy access without having to lose grip on the handlebars mid ride. The Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike also has standard brake levers on either side of the handlebars. The twist grip gear shifters provide access to the Shimano 18 speed gear system. As with many Raleigh Activ bikes a Shimano derailleur has been added to try and smooth out the transition between gears. It works a treat, shifting gears is smooth and effortless.

The brakes on the Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike are standard v-type brakes, however are more than effective in terms of safely stopping the bike quickly. The brakes have good quality brake pads so should be good enough for the near future, however the longevity of the brake pads will depend on how extreme you will be braking of course. The wheels on the Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike are 26″, they come with quite chunky non-branded tyres, from first impressions these tyres seem good enough, however only time will tell, perhaps you’ll choose to upgrade them but I don’t think you’ll need to worry initially.

The saddle provided on the Raleigh Activ Spectre mountain bike is quite a basic one, I’d recommend considering upgrading it as a comfortable saddle will allow you to prolong your ride without unwanted aching or numbness.

Overall this bike is great, it’s a chunky beast that can offer some serious protection against off road knocks and turbulence, well worth considering and maybe reading some more review on the link below.

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