Tropix Paris 700c Racing Road Bike Review
Body: (4.6)
Brakes: (4.2)
Tyres: (4.5)
Ride: (4.7)
Overall Rating: (4.6)


The Tropix Paris 700c Wheel Road Racing Bike has a decreased cross-sectional area which reduces wind resistance, improves performance, and enhances aerodynamic efficiency. It’s a bike of dreams.


All Tropix Road bike parts are from world-class manufacturers, like the reliable extra responsive geometry carbon frame, the speed and brake system, and the Hutchinson Equinox 2 700 x 25c puncture proof tyres. All of these parts combine to turn the Tropix Paris Road Racing into an outstanding road bike.
The Tropix Paris 700c Wheel Road Racing Bike is almost completely pre-assembled before packing and shipping. It offers you the perfect ride no matter whether you are a bike commuter or a professional entry-level racer, you are covered. It is available in Matte black/red colors.
The design of a short rear triangle with tapered head design makes for a more stiff and easy to control frame which can also enhance the instant explosive force while riding.
It has a carbon TC 2.0 monocoque aerodynamic design, extra responsive geometry carbon frame with Full carbon straight blade forks and 22 gears.


The brakes on the Tropix Paris 700c Wheel Road Racing Bikeroad bike are very efficient and offer the rider control and comfort when they hit the road. As a result of the combination of high quality tyres on the bike, the bike easily grinds to a halt.
The braking system consists of Shimano Ultegra BR-6810 dual pivot caliper brakes. It also includes Shimano Ultegra HG701-11speed chain.
The breaks will offer you the ability to start and operate your ride effectively. They are always in excellent condition as you ride. If aligned centrally and configured correctly, they should last you a long time.


This bike comes with solid tyres. The manufacturers of Tropix Paris 700c Wheel Road Racing Bike chose to avoid the usual design philosophy of providing ‘good enough’ tyres but instead installed a Hutchinson Equinox 2 700 x 25c puncture proof tyres. The Ergonomic design of this saddle gives you a healthy and comfortable riding experience. The Hutchinson Equinox puncture proof tyres are anti-gill, hard-wearing and have low rolling resistance to make you ride even faster.
These tyres have excellent traction; they’re designed to give good grip while avoiding unnecessary drag due to its lightweight. They achieve this very well and are competent in handling braking and corners on hilly and level road surfaces without making the rider work harder.


The saddle on the Tropix Paris 700c Wheel Road Racing Bikeroad bike in addition to the dropped handlebars combine to give the rider a very comfortable position particularly as both can be adjusted to suit the individual. Road bikes aren’t particularly great for comfort as a result of a lack of suspension however with these quality sports tyres, Tropix ultra lightweight alloy handlebars, with Tropix cone shape headset, the manufacturers have put in their world class expertise to achieve a comfortable ride, particularly on flat and smooth surfaces.
Shimano Ultegra ST-6800 dual control shifters also helps to avoid unnecessary jolts when shifting gears which in turn improve the overall experience of the bike rider.


The bike has great features like smooth shifting, durability and is easy to assemble. It has been tested and proven to give you a more comfortable ride. The experience is worthwhile.

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