Muddyfox Recoil Mountain Bike Review
Body: (4.1)
Brakes: (4)
Tyres: (4)
Ride: (4.2)
Overall Rating: (4.1)

The Muddyfox Recoil mountain bike is a great example of mountain biking under a tight budget, the bike looks great and rides really well, yet maintains a very competitive price compared to other bikes on the market.


The 18″ steel dual suspension mountain bike frame comes in black with white and blue prints scattered across it. The suspension from forks, MTB handlebars and handlebar stem are all steel. They match the design of the bike well, the handlebar stem is finished in black which matches the frame and the front fork is chrome which gives the bike a complementary colour. The Muddyfox Recoil is armed with 18 speed Shimano Tourney gears and Revoshift shifters. This gives the bike an easy transition between gears and works great. The Steel Chainset seems suitable for off road biking and has had no complaints from any of our team.

The mountain bike comes with steel V-brakes both front and rear, they seem quite reactive and again get our seal of approval. The pads are tough so should last a long time. The shifters are responsive yet avoid a jerk reaction when triggered. A smooth, controlled braking experience is what you want and this bike delivers.

Regarding the Muddyfox Recoil wheels, the bike comes with 26″ alloy wheels. The bike comes with unbranded chunky tyres, they seem strong however only time will tell if they’re up to the challenge. Perhaps you’ll need to invest in some better tyres if they turn out to be below par. The wheels are finished in black and I think they look really nice. Overall the aesthetics of this bike are very pleasing.

The seat provided matches the design of the mountain bikes frame and seems quite comfortable. It is also adjustable for those of different height. The suspension is very impressive and absorbs a large amount of shock when the bike is ridden off road. We’ve put this bike through its paces and are happy to report the bike is as much ‘action’ as it appears ‘talk’. The riding position is perfect and helps maintain balance while performing several off road stunts.

Overall this bike is a very impressive piece of kit and at a very competitive price. Well worth considering if you’re in the market for a budget mountain bike.

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