Cyclamatic CX2 Folding Bike Review
Body: (4.3)
Brakes: (4.3)
Tyres: (4.2)
Ride: (4.4)
Overall Rating: (4.3)

Ideal for cities, boots, boats and caravans – go further on your travels with the Cyclamatic Foldaway Electric Bike Don’t let a lack of storage diminish your bike fun! The brilliant CX2 model from Cyclamatic folds in half for easy storage and transportation wherever you are going.

With a more reliable and powerful 250w brushless motor, as well as an upgraded 36v battery, the CX2 has serious bike credentials but in a form-factor that fits with your life.

Ideal for travelling holidays and those with minimal storage space, the e-bike folds quickly and easily into an incredibly compact space. The bike folds at a mid-point on the cross bar and the stem of the handle bar with a unique quick-lock-release system.

In line with European laws, this model does not have a fully automatic electric mode – some degree of peddling is always required. You have the choice of how much work you want to do. Use the bike as a bike with no electric assist at all, or choose a partial electric assist mode to amplify your own efforts.

Cyclamatic CX2 Folding Bike Pros:
  • It has a twist grip on it and the motor will kick in when you reach a hill.
  • There is a 12 month warranty on all parts excluding tires & brakes.
  • It is very easy to assemble. The majority of tools needed are in the pack.
  • The height of the handle bars and seat can be adjusted.
  • Has been a very reliable electric bicycle and can has been used to go into town nearly every day.
Cyclamatic CX2 Folding Bike Cons:
  • Uncomfortable seat (recommend changing it)
  • Folding the bike requires some force.
  • The weight of the bike is quite heavy.
  • No rear LED light.

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