Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike Review
Body: (4.2)
Brakes: (4)
Tyres: (4)
Ride: (4.2)
Overall Rating: (4.1)

The brand new PAKKA LITE folding bike has a full alloy frame making it much lighter than any steel framed 16″ wheel folder. With the weight advantage and 6 gears it makes cycling even easier and much more enjoyable. Perfect for commuting to the train station, taking on the train, and then riding to work. Just perfect for summer weekend rides as it easily folds in half making it ideal to put in the boot of your car and finding a nice trail to ride, or even for trips away in the caravan.

Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike Pros:
  • Great little bike, perfect for someone of a small stature.
  • However due to its dainty size when assembled you probably don’t have to fold it as much as you think, which saves time when travelling.
  • It fits nicely in the corner of any room, office or cubby hole for those who cycle to work.
  • It looks great – even down to the little details like the kick stand, rack on the back and the little bell on the nicely shaped handle bars.
Ammaco Pakka Folding Bike Cons:
  • The loose gear system and its small 16 inch tires make biking slow. You really need to work hard to go faster even if you are in gear 6.
  • Must it be carried and cannot be wheeled along while folded
  • Even though it’s only 11kg it’s a little cumbersome when folded.

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