Ammaco Black Russian Mountain Bike Review
Body: (4.2)
Brakes: (4.1)
Tyres: (3.8)
Ride: (4.1)
Overall Rating: (4.0)

Well, the name already has me interested as it sounds cool. The Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike reminds me of a ‘retro’ sports car. The decals on the bikes frame look like they belong on an supercar from the 1980’s.

The frame is a strong Y-shaped steel design with full suspension. The front suspension fork and rear suspension coil are silver while the majority of the Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike’s frame is black. As mentioned above the bike is covered in decals, they depict the bikes brand, model and black and while logo design. The Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike has a black handlebar with 18 speed Shimano Revoshift shifters that lead to the Shimano gear system. The Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike also has a derailleur to help ease the gear shifting experience for the rider.

The Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike’s brakes are alloy v-type front and rear brakes. Considering the budget pricing of this bike disc brakes would be a little too much to ask so v-type brakes are expected. They work fine and do the job, if you’re looking for better brakes I’d recommend a more expensive bike rather than upgrading this one. The Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike has a market and it’s budget mountain biking. There’s nothing wrong with that, it gives more people an opportunity to enter the mountain bike world but the reality is better components are on other bikes in the market.

The saddle provided with the Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike is a little tough, considering the price of bike saddles I’d give serious consideration to buying a new one when you get your bike. Some bikes come with nice saddles but the general feeling I get is that the manufacturers focus their budget on more important components of the bike.

The Ammaco Black Russian mountain bike comes with 26″ lightweight allow rims and good enough tires. Again much like the saddle I think you may look to getting better tyres in the near future. They are more than good enough for day one. My advise is unless you’re pushing this bike hard, live with the tyres and when it comes to replacing them invest in more chunky branded tyres.

Overall, considering the price you get a lot of bang for your buck. The dual suspension alone is impressive enough on a budget. I’d recommend giving this bike a go if you’re looking for a entry level mountain bike.


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